Our firm is consolidated by a  team of specialized lawyers with broad experience in Agricultural Law, who provide reliable advice to our clients, both in Mexico and abroad.

At VILA, we are highly committed to our clients. We offer wide-ranging legal services with a high degree of expertise and experience.

We get to know in a profound manner the environment of the common-lands   (“ejidos”) that we work with, in order to offer better strategies, based on the combination of our law experience and the particular needs and panorama of the client.

The practice of agricultural law within its various affairs, is not only based on a broad knowledge of the subject, nor in the way of applying the law, but in the profound analysis of finding an adequate work strategy with ejidos and all agricultural parties, seeking to work as a team to receive the greatest support from them, and this way, we are able to provide our clients with the greatest security and legal certainty.



To our clients with the constant search and analysis of opportunities, regarding the acquisition of ejido lands, included within the common use and parcel areas.

Our firm offers you the professional advising services  in regard to due diligences for the acquisition of ejido rights, as well as the legal strategy and elaboration of legal documents which will grant the best legal certainty, in accordance with the ejido due processes.

We also provide advice and support for the development of internal regulations of ejidos.



Additionally,  support is provided to trial lawyers in agricultural matters from the substantial aspect of said affairs, however, a third party is in charge of the procedural part in agricultural trials before Agricultural Courts and the Superior Agricultural Court, as well as in direct and indirect amparo trials.

We provide as a professional service the  preparation of certificates of recognition   of possession, regarding lands included within the ejido nucleus, before the representatives of the ejido, ejido plans, delimitation of lands included within the agricultural nucleus, topographic survey, management of procedures and assemblies within the ejido.

The necessary support is given to the ejidos for the management and celebration of ejido assemblies , in order to consolidate the ejido procedures in the most adequate way, in accordance with the provisions of the agricultural legislation.