Our firm has extensive experience in Real Estate legal advice. Our lawyers have accompanied and represented our clients from different industries in the sale, lease, among other legal figures, of real estate, as well as in projects of various kinds according to their operations and commercial objectives. 

Our services include the following activities, AMONG others: 

  1. Advice on the acquisition of all types of real estate; including private sales contracts, trusts or any other legal figure that results Applicable to the operation. 
  2. Due diligence to determine the acquisition and / or sale of real estate. 
  3. Documentation, registration and, where appropriate, cancellation of real estate guarantees in the Public Registry correspondent. 
  4. Advice on the establishment of strategic alliances In the real estate sector. 
  5. Coordination and supervision with the Notary Public for the implementation of the agreements of the parties, as well as a follow-up to the registration issue both in the Municipality as in the State, in the cases that are applicable. We currently have several alliances with Notaries Public of several States of Country, which offer us a preferential rate unlike their other customers and of other Public Notaries, as well as speed in the completion of procedures, which translates into value added for our customers.

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