VILA has developed a solid reputation within the world of national and international sports and entertainment. The firm's sports and entertainment practice provides legal services focused on the protection of the intangible assets of various personalities from these industries, such as protection and expansion of national and international trademark portfolios, protection of copyrights, as well as drafting the corresponding contracts for their commercial activity such as sponsorship, supply, trademark licenses, etc.


Our services for this industry are designed to meet the needs of each client, and can be offered on a permanent basis, in connection with clients and their day-to-day activities, or in connection with special engagements. Therefore, our firm acts as a representative in your daily development as a person or company.



Drafting and review of commercial and intellectual property related agreements, such as sponsorship, distribution, supply, confidentiality, licensing, and acquisition of new trademarks.



Worldwide trademark registration and trademark portfolio management for its proper maintenance and compliance before competent authorities.



In addition to safeguarding the security of our clients' commercial activities, we seek to enhance the value of their assets, building a sense of confidence in their economic activity.  



We protect our clients' tangible and intangible assets, from preparation and notification of Cease-and-Desist Letters to third parties, warning them of unauthorized use of such assets, as well as negotiation and infringement procedures related to misuse.



Litigation before administrative and judicial instances solving legal contingencies derived from different circumstances, such as trademark registrations obtained in bad faith, nullities against refusals of registration, through our specialized system of monitoring trademark applications filed by third parties, we protect our clients' trademarks, through opposition proceedings against such applications, avoiding infringement of their rights. We also offer alternatives to our clients, negotiations with third parties, mediation, and arbitration, to find the best solution by mutual agreement to avoid judicial instances.



  • Successfully represented a worldwide boxing icon in litigation proceedings in China against trademark registrations obtained in bad faith by third parties.

  • Successfully represented an iconic rock band with worldwide trajectory, historically recognized as one of the best rock bands, in a proceeding against the registration of a trademark improperly applied for by a third party.

  • We successfully represented one of the biggest music acts in the world, achieving the cancellation of a trademark registration improperly filed by a third party in Mexico.

  • Representation in all settlement negotiations, sponsorship, brand protection, licensing business and other commercial activities of one of the most important figures in boxing, the current WBC and WBA champion.

  • Representation of two Mexican Premier League soccer teams, working as their legal department, handling all contracts and agreements, brand protection, licensing, regulation, anti-piracy, sponsorships and other commercial activities. 

  • Representation in negotiations and brand protection for one of the most important Actors in Mexico, as well as licensing agreements for one of the most important theater companies in Great Britain.



We always seek to provide personal attention to our customers, with broad availability to answer any questions that may arise from their legal affairs, seeking maximum efficiency in all processes. With our resolute way of thinking, we are able to suggest new protection alternatives beyond our clients expectations, always seeking to go one step ahead to ensure maximum protection of their assets.

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