Preventive measures against COVID-19 at VILA

Preventive measures against COVID-19 at VILA

Due to the current increase in confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the world and the declaration of pandemic by the WHO, we have carefully analyzed the scenario we are currently facing and the forecasts of specialists, so, according to the Mexican State authorities,  VILA has activated PHASE 2 for protection and has implemented immediate prevention measurements with the aim of adopting a consistent work behavior with the situation in order to help prevent the expansion of this pandemic and to continue to maintain the well-being of all our team members and our clients as a priority.

 Our firm has also taken the anticipation of investing in information technologies and other technological tools that allow us to  continue to be communicated and doing the necessary work to keep track of each one of our clients and to maintain our effectiveness and punctuality with them.

 We will also continue monitoring the situation in order to live accordingly to the seriousness of this event and implement the necessary measures of sanitary prudence to minimize the risk of contagion.

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 Once again we find ourselves in a situation that invites us all to empathize, especially with those who are most at risk, and to act collectively collaborating in order to successfully overcome this situation in the best possible way.