Due to the current increase of confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the world and the declaration of pandemic by the WHO, we have carefully analyzed the scenario we are currently facing and the forecast of specialists. This event has created unprecedented emergency challenges for businesses and governments. Therefore, the Mexican authorities announced the execution of some preventive measures. Judicial and Administrative Courts have already suspended activities. Mexican Institute of Industrial Property has just published a few hours ago the official communication of suspension, which will take place effective immediate until April 19, 2020.


On our side, VILA has activated these protocol in Guadalajara and Mexico City to ensure the safety of our staff. We have facilitated the remote and online working of our employees from home. Our collaborators are able to access to all required data, files, records, and emails that an employee needs to continue working as normal. 
We know we may have some limitations during this period, but we will concentrate our efforts to maintain our effectiveness and punctuality towards our clients. 
Our professionals are available to reply to your inquiries and follow up with pending files and deadlines as always with enough training to adapt to this new situation.
Once again we find ourselves in a situation that invites us all to empathize, especially with those who are most at risk, and to act collectively, collaborating in order to successfully overcome this situation in the best possible way.
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