VILA provides consultancy to administrative authorities, parliamentary groups and individuals involved in legislative studies, by planning, advising, structuring, and implementing projects and strategies. Mexican Federal Government agencies, the Office of the President of the Republic, the Government of the State of Jalisco, the City Hall of Zapopan, the Intermunicipal System of Drinking Water and Sewage Services, are some examples of agencies and entities that have received legal advice from our Firm.

VILA has collaborated in several projects of structure and restructure of laws, national and local regulations, decrees, and other official agreements, as well as their amendments. Its lawyers have served as advisors and operators of public trusts and other public administration agencies, in addition to participating in the structuring of several to public-private partnership projects. Its members have also provided legal advice and support in procurement and contracting procedures for strategic works and services, as well as in licensing, authorization and permitting procedures.



Advice and generation of legal bases in the conception, instrumentation, implementation, and operation of parastatal entities as auxiliary organisms of the public administration in the federal, state and municipal spheres, with wide experience in the constitution and operation of Public Trusts.

Study, elaboration, advice, and accompaniment in the structuring of law initiatives, regulations, and norms in general, for their proposition before the legislative assemblies of their competence, as well as comparative studies of the same and their harmonization with other normative parties.

Advice and accompaniment in awarding procedures of the governments of the three levels of government, in its different modalities, tenders, bids and direct awards.

Advice on planning and strategic structuring of government programs and projects.

Legal audits of procedures, contracts and projects executed by governmental agencies or by private parties on their behalf.

Legal advice and coordination in the conception, feasibility, instrumentation, and implementation of Public Private Partnership projects, in their different modalities.

Legal structuring and instrumentation of projects and contracts in which any governmental or private entity participates with the government.

Study and assessment of the legal framework of specific branches or areas of public administration.



  • Counsel to an energy company in the structuring of co-investment projects for the generation of renewable energy (solar) with state and municipal governments.

  • Counsel to a company in the energy sector for the implementation and operation of a municipal public lighting concession.
  • Counseling to Senator of the LXIV Legislature in studies and legislative processes.

  • Legal auditing of awarding processes of National Security matters of the Presidency of the Republic.

  • Coordination, integration, and legal structuring of the “Macrobús” Line 2 Project of the State of Jalisco under the Public-Private Partnership [APP] scheme.

  • Legal coordination in the handover-reception procedure of the State Public Administration of the State of Jalisco, of the Ministries of Infrastructure and Public Works and Rural Development and their parastatal agencies.

  • Review of Procedures carried out by the Municipal of Zapopan for the contracting of services for the licensing of programs, Technical Support, Consulting and On Demand services, as well as the one carried out for the contracting of services for the Updating of the Municipal Cartographic Base with LIDAR Technology.

  • Advice to the Municipality of Zapopan in the process for contracting and legal instrumentation of the Integral Services of Equipment, Advice and Training of Information and Communication Technologies of the New Public Security Building and C2 of the Municipality of Zapopan.

  • Legal Audit of Villas Panamericanas de Guadalajara.

  • Restructuring and operation of the Ciudad Creativa Digital Trust.

  • Structuring and operation of the Jalisco State Film Commission Trust.



Advice on procedures and obtaining of authorizations before the different competent government agencies for the establishment of companies.

Advice and procedures for obtaining concessions and assignment of rights thereof.

Advice on urban development law (human settlements, partial urban development plans, licenses, permits, land use, habitability).

Advice and accompaniment in procedures for the awarding of contracts for acquisitions, goods, services and public works with the three spheres of the Public Administration.

Legal audits of procedures, contracts and projects of governmental authorities implemented by individuals. 

Legal studies of the regulatory framework applicable to private sector projects.

Obtaining information through the channels of transparency and access to information.

Counseling for the defense of interests of condominium owners of the Cabo Pulmo "Beach Resort" Tourist Development, located in Cabo Pulmo, Los Cabos, B.C.S.



  • Review of bidding procedures in public lighting.

  • Counseling to solve observations derived from audits of public lighting projects performed by the Federal Superior Audit Office (Auditoría Superior de la Federación).

  • Public lighting concession contract and its renegotiation.

  • Service Contract with the Federal Government in the area of technological solutions.

  • Legal instrumentation for the 11th Edition of the Internet Governance Forum.

  •  Concession advisory for the construction, equipping, operation and commercial exploitation of the Guadalajara Arena.

  • Instrumentation and processing of concessions before the Federal Telecommunications Institute.



Administrative appeals against acts of authority of the three levels of government.

Contentious proceedings derived from Acts of Authority. 

Nullity trials against administrative acts. 

Amparo Proceedings in Administrative Matters. 

Constitutional Controversies before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. 

Unconstitutionality Actions before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

Accountability Proceedings against Public Servants.




  • Constitutional Controversies before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in defense of the interests of the City Hall of Zapopan.

  • Defense of the Municipality of Bahía de Banderas Nayarit against a resolution of the Administrative Court of Nayarit that sought to omit substantial contributions of relevant tourist development in Nuevo Vallarta.

  • Obtained a favorable judgment for our clients declaring the nullity of the acts of authority of an important national company in the construction industry.

  • Obtaining favorable rulings in Amparo Proceedings in Administrative Matters for the benefit of a company concessionaire of Day Care Centers of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social). 

  • Representation and Defense of the Government of the State of Jalisco in the International Arbitration Proceeding promoted by the International Swimming Federation before the Court of Arbitration of Sports in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland.



Administrative Law and Public practice, is deeply involved in Public Administration Law, where our partners have held several positions in municipal and state government related to economic promotion, consulting and integration of legal matters, as well as the structuring of draft laws and regulations and the legal coordination of parastatal agencies.

Due to their experience, they have participated in the structuring and restructuring of several public trusts, as well as in legislative processes of several laws and regulations. In addition, they have worked in large strategic and infrastructure projects with local government offices in Private Public Partnerships (PPPS). 

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