The practice of land and property law is not only based on a full knowledge of the subject matter and how the law is applied, but also requires an adequate and profound way of working with the ejidos and all agrarian subjects. The alliances and teamwork with the ejido commissariats encourages their involvement and support and provides the interested parties with legal certainty and security.

Thus, we are in charge of building long-term relationships of trust in the ejido communities with whom we interact, based on a deep knowledge of their environment and their traditions. This sensitivity and experience allow us to offer our clients legal solutions that are in line with the cultural reality of all parties involved.

Concretely, we advise and accompany our clients with the location and analysis of opportunities regarding the acquisition of ejido land, anticipating different scenarios that may arise in regard to land tenure, approaching each project differently according to the circumstances of the land and the particular needs of the client.

Our services consist of an initial diagnostic or "due diligence" stage, through which we can clearly understand the particular situation of the land to be acquired and the best legal strategy to do so.

When necessary, we coordinate litigators and provide support from the point of view of substance, accompanying these professionals and our clients in such processes. 

We also support and advise ejido groups in the proper creation of their bylaws, internal documents, calls and assemblies, managing procedures before the competent authorities and structuring strategies for the proper safeguarding of information.



To our clients with the location and analysis of opportunities regarding the acquisition of ejido lands, included within the area of common use and parceled.

Our law firm offers professional advisory services regarding due diligence for the acquisition of ejido rights as well as the legal strategy and generation of legal documents to provide the greatest legal certainty in accordance with the ejido due process. 

Likewise, we provide advice and support for the elaboration of internal regulations for the ejidos.



We also provide support to litigants in agrarian matters from a substantive point of view, however, the procedural part in agrarian trials before Agrarian Unitary Courts and before the Agrarian Superior Court, as well as in direct and indirect amparo trials in agrarian matters is handled by a third party. 

We provide as a professional service the preparation of certificates of recognition of possession of land within the ejido, this before the faith of the representatives of the ejido, ejido plans, delimitation of land within the agrarian nucleus, topographic survey, management of procedures and assemblies within the ejido.

The necessary support is provided to the ejidos for the management and holding of ejidal assemblies to process the ejidal processes, so that the processes are consolidated in an appropriate manner, in accordance with the provisions of the agrarian legislation.




  • Representation of ejidos in Baja California Sur, in the formalization of ejido assemblies.

  • Representation of a large group of people to obtain their recognition as agrarian subjects (possessors and neighbors) of an ejidal nucleus.

  • Representation of an ejido to achieve the approval of the technical work to formalize the change of use of the land from common use to parceled land.

  • Accompaniment of agricultural companies, consolidating 15,000 hectares in agricultural partnerships with various ejidos and the relationship with them. 



We are in charge of generating long-term relationships of trust in the ejido communities in which we participate, which has allowed us to deeply understand the environment of the ejidos not only from a legal perspective, but also from the understanding of their culture and traditions, which allows us to offer legal solutions to our clients in accordance with the cultural reality of the ejidos, combining our experience and legal knowledge with the understanding of the environment. 



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