As the main IP Boutique in Mexico’s West-Side, we play a remarkable role as a leading high specialized Intellectual Property law firm in our country. Due to our capacities, culture, infrastructure and skills, we have been entrusted by clients engaged in several industries such as communications, pharmaceutical, automotive, confectionery, alcoholic beverages, textile, jewelry, manufacture, lighting, tools, sports and entertainment.


Patent Files


Copyright Cases


Trademark Prosecuted Files


Litigation Proceedings





Management and protection of Intellectual Property portfolios


Filing and Prosecution

Inventions such as patents, utility models, industrial designs and Integrated Circuits

Trademarks, slogans and trade names

Geographical indications


Plants varieties



Development of legal frameworks and preventive strategies against unfair competition and counterfeting

Litigation before judicial and administrative courts 

Trademark monitoring and survelliance

Mediation and arbitration on IP disputes, including domain names controversies



Licensing, franchises and assignments

Transfer of technology, commercial representation, trade secrets; as well as business negotiation consultancy 

Auditing and valuation of intangible assets




Representing an international pharmaceutical company on prosecution process against competitor for unauthorized use of registered trademarks


Representing a world famous aircraft manufacturer on a trademark dispute against a world leader car manufacturer, obtaining favorable rulings on benefit of our client


Recovery, through litigation, of world leading trademark in the fashion industry


Recovery of multiple trademarks related to cosmetic products to their legitimate owners through litigation strategies


Recovery of a domain name of a leading company of passenger transport through the arbitration proceedings before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


Recovery through litigation of world famous trademark for the automotive industry for illegal use of IP rights


Representing a leading pharmaceutical company in simultaneous injunctions to seize counterfeit goods in several cities in Mexico, due to the unauthorized use and reproduction of 3D trademarks and designs


Recovery of the trademark holding for one of the most important football teams of the National MX League.