In a global changing market, business and regulations present a constant problem for companies development , it is necessary to have compressive legal support, which helps to deal with these problems correctly and precisely.  

The aforementioned problems require the development and implementation of modern and innovative legal structures that allow companies to achieve their objectives efficiently and accurately. 

The Corporate practice of our Firm provides specialized legal services to different national and foreign clients, from the fulfillment of their ordinary corporate obligations, to the development and implementation of complex, innovative and demanding transactions. 

Some of the legal services provided by the corporate area of VILA are: 



The incorporation of companies with Mexican investment or Foreign Corporate restructuring of companies with Mexican or foreign investment. 

Development of corporate governance schemes, including the preparation of operating agreements, agreements between partners, and joint ventures or set projects. 

Management, storage, and updating of the Corporate Books, such as the Assembly Book of minutes, Shareholders / Partners Book, Capital Variations Book , and the Sessions  Board Registry Book 

Review and preparation of Assembly Minutes, which may solve the transformation, fusion, cleavage, dissolution, settlement, and change of name or company name of the societies, as well as increases or decreases to social capital. 

Preparation of minutes for boards and shareholders meetings, and reform the social contract as well as the documents needed to carry them out. 

Transfers of shares or social shares. 

Granting or removal of powers. 

Issuance of participation certificates. 

Protocolization before public notary of transactions. 

Registration of deeds and transactions before the Registry Commerce Public 



Advice to Mexican companies with foreign  investment and companies interested TO settle in Mexico  

Advice on the incorporation of companies subsidiaries, branches, or representative offices. 

Registration of subsidiaries and branches before the Registry 

National Foreign Investment. 

Obtaining authorizations before the National Commission of Foreign investment. 

Annual and four-monthly preparation reports before the National Registry of Foreign Investment. 

Review and preparation of Minutes of Shareholders Assembly and Minutes of the Management Body. 

Apostille management or legalizations. 

Advice on immigration procedures. 



Implementation of legal audit processes or (due diligence) necessary for negotiations related to contracts for the purchase of assets, purchase of shares, and corporate mergers. 

Preparation of contracts for the purchase of assets or purchase of actions. 

Preparation of merger and corporate spin-off contracts, with all the documents related to said Transactions 

Restructuring of companies with Mexican investment or Foreign Legal audits 

Management and obtaining permits, licenses, and / or authorizations required by the authorities and / or third parties for commercial contracts. 

Review and preparation of any nature contract civil or commercial, including, among others, joint-ventures, sales contracts, and merger contracts for societies related to different sectors and industries. 

Advice on termination of contracts. 

Negotiation of contracts and agreements. 



Performing audits (due diligence) required for buying and selling operations of assets, shares or social parts . 

Preparation of contracts for the sale of assets and / or actions or social parties. 

Planning and development of structures for the merger of Mexican or foreign companies. 

Preparation of merger and spin-off agreements, as well as the relative documentation to carry out such transactions.

Corporate restructuring of Mexican companies or companies controlled by foreign capital. 

Company transformation. 

Excision of companies. 

Dissolution and liquidation of companies. 



Consultancy on the proceedings of creation and operation of the Master Trust Digital Creative City. (“Fideicomiso Mestro Ciudad Creativa Digital”).  

Structuring of the Trust of the Film Commissions of the State of Jalisco. 

Development of the Innovation, Science and Technology legislation project for the State of Jalisco. 

Consultancy in the restructuring process of the Inter Municipal System of Drinking Water and Sewerage, and amendments to the Water Regulations for the State of Jalisco and its Municipalities. 

Advisors of Zapopan Municipality on the contracting process and legal implementation  of the Integral Services of Equipment, Consultancy and Capacitation of Information and Communications Technologies  of the New Public Security Building and C2 of the Zapopan Municipality. 

Review of procedures performed by the Zapopan Municipality for the contracting of services of licensing programs, technical support, consulting and the updating of the cartographic base with LIDAR technology. 

Development and implementation of regulations for the Public-Private associations placed in the Zapopan Municipality. 

Consultancy to the Zapopan Municipality on several strategic projects, as well as the elaboration and reforms of different regulations.  

Advice to the Bahía Banderas municipality obtaining the positive resolution from the administrative jurisdictional authorities regarding the assignment of an urban complex of approximately 8 hectares. 



We are committed to providing special legal services to our clients to help them achieve their objectives within an applicable legal framework for their negotiations. 

Our Corporate practice combines the experience and specialized legal knowledge, with a strategic business approach that allows us to provide effective legal solutions to the commercial challenges of our clients.