VILA Corporate Practice is focused on business. One of the services that aggrandizes this firm, is the inmmaculate analyses they conduct with regards to the legal framework of corporations and companies in Mexico. It is also known for their business approach, which is not strictly related to a legal-advice scope, but also includes the modification of legal status, mergers, splits and acquisitions in general, as well as managing of legal audits, litigations and compliance. 

VILA Corporate Practice Area provides assistance to national and foreign entities of different industry sectors. Its key clients list proudly includes one of the most important commercial beer groups in Mexico, as well as a famous worldwide professional boxing champion.  

We offer a wide legal and contractual advice, include a wide range of them, as listed below: 

  1. Advice, preparation and negotiation of all types of national and international agreements, in Spanish and English languages. 
  2. Design of legal structures and and schemes for optimal operation of the varying and diverse businesses of our customers. 
  3. Drafting and advising of clauses and agreements in matters arbitration. 
  4. Drafting, advice and support in Contracts of trust. 
  5. Preparation of legal schemes as well as drafting of Joint Participation and / or Joint Venture Agreements. 

Our firm's professional team also has extensive experience in:

1. Mediation and dispute settlement;

2. Negotiation and restructuration of agreements;

3. Audit and strategic planning.

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