Our Firm has a team with extensive knowledge, experience, and trajectory in the area of public and private trusts, ranging from their conception and structuring or restructuring, to their operation and extinction.

Due to the benefits and advantages offered by trusts, they have been very versatile vehicles that can be adapted to the needs of our clients and are used to diligently and transparently administer the management of assets, resources and projects, to grant guarantees in the compliance of obligations, investment funds, as well as in those cases of real estate in restricted zones according to the Foreign Investment Law of our country. 



Another type of trust that we have successfully implemented are master trusts, from which we can create as many secondary trusts as necessary for specific operations or projects; likewise, we advise on the creation of administration trusts for testamentary purposes.



Trusts are also used by governments, most of them are constituted for the management of funds in which different public agencies or entities converge, the participation of the public and private sector in the development of projects, as well as to grant guarantees.



In Trust matters, our Firm accompanies our clients, in both public and private fields, from the planning and the most convenient strategy for the constitution of the trust, or in its case, restructuring or extinction, following the procedures established by the Law to that effect, such as the authorizations of the City Council or Congress, as appropriate.


We legally structure and prepare the trust agreements in coordination with the Trustee chosen by our clients, as well as we coordinate the process for its formalization with the different actors of the Trust, as well as with the notary before which they are constituted, in those cases where such formality is necessary.



In the Trust Funds for the administration of real estate in restricted zones in accordance with the Foreign Investment Law, we carry out the procedures and formalities before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we act as administrators of the Trusts, as well as liaison and follow-up before the Trustee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Once the Trust is constituted, our Firm has the structure and capacity to offer our Clients to act as operators of their Trusts, as well as to coordinate and be the liaison with the Trustee for the fulfillment of the Trust purposes, coordination and follow-up of the Technical Committee agreements, in those trusts that have such governing body, as well as the follow-up of the fulfillment of the Technical Committee agreements, rendering accounts to the Trustors and/or Committee of the operation and fulfillment of instructions.





  • Legal Advisors of the Urban Development Trust of Jalisco.

  • Restructuring of the Ciudad Creativa Digital Trust, generation of its entire regulatory and operational framework.

  • Operators of the Ciudad Creativa Digital Trust during the 2013-2013 period.

  • Constitution of the Secondary Trust CCD Ventrues Investment Fund.

  • Legal Audit of the Administration and Payment Trust for the Villa del Bosque Housing Complex (Villas Panamericanas).

  • Incorporation and operation of the Jalisco State Filming Commission Trust.

  • Legal Audit and operation of the Trust for the Protection of Estero del Salado and Development of Adjacent Areas.

  • Audit and restructuring of several Trusts of the Municipality of Zapopan such as the Trust of the Historic Center, Trusts coordinated by the Direction of the Center for Economic Promotion and Tourism.

  • Constitution of Administration Trusts with Testamentary Clause.

  • Constitution and Administration of Trusts with respect to real estate in a restricted zone by the Foreign Investment Law.

  • Public Sector Payment Guarantee Trusts. 

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